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Raising productivity is arguably the central economic challenge in the UK. The Productivity Insights Network is an ESRC funded network of researchers, policymakers, intermediaries and businesses working to identify, advance and implement new insights to address the productivity puzzle in the UK.

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The Productivity Insights Network aims to stimulate new directions in productivity research with high impact potential.

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Low interest rates and the productivity puzzle

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Featured image as per the original post by Common Wealth Read the latest blog by Common Wealth; What does a very low-interest rate environment mean for firm financing and investment…

Rebuilding a Resilient Britain

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Professor Leaza McSorley, University of Sunderland and Co-Investigator of the Productivity Insights Network writes about her experience of working on the Rebuilding a Resilient Britain programme organised by the Government…

From novel research methods, the green economy, inclusive practice and responding to a global pandemic: Highlights from 2020

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If you were to draw up a shortlist of words commonly used to describe 2020, challenging would almost certainly be on it. Despite the numerous challenges that we have all…