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Raising productivity is arguably the central economic challenge in the UK. The Productivity Insights Network is an ESRC funded network of researchers, policymakers, intermediaries and businesses working to identify, advance and implement new insights to address the productivity puzzle in the UK.

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The Productivity Insights Network aims to stimulate new directions in productivity research with high impact potential.

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SMEs and the Productivity Puzzle

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The new report published by the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee focuses on the potential of small business to make a bigger impact on UK productivity. Small businesses –…

Productivity in SMEs: Management Practices or Effective Leadership?

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As the UK has started to grapple with the challenge of stagnant productivity growth over the past decade, increased attention has turned to questions of how to raise productivity in…

A Day at the ESRC Festival of Social Science

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As we set up our stall against the beautiful backdrop of Sheffield’s Winter Gardens, we weren’t sure how well passers-by would react to an offer to discuss the UK’s productivity…