The Productivity Insights Network is about bringing together researchers, policymakers, practitioners and businesses to develop new insights about the productivity puzzle in theory and practice. By providing a forum to share and develop interdisciplinary research and develop thinking to impact practice, the Productivity Insights Network is committed to changing the tone of the debate.

Our Network spreads throughout the United Kingdom with events and funded projects in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

35 Funded projects

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Funded projects

Productivity-What do UK Manufactures Really Think?
Raising Productivity. Housing the Economy
Returning to Work and Thriving at Work
Measuring Regional Skills Mismatch
Exploring the Relationship between Non-Cognitive Skills and Productivity
Real Journey Time-Real City Size
The Divergence of Productivity and Pay?
UK Industrial Strategy: Progressing Rural Contributions
The UK Futures Programme: a Longer-Term Evaluation
Health and Well-Being in Small and Medium Enterprises: A Co-Design Approach
Performance Management, Productivity and Management Practices in Smaller Firms
Talent Management in Small Advanced Manufacturers
Non-Standard Work
Co-producing insights into Small Firm Growth and Productivity Gains in Peripheral Regions
SME Productivity and Mental Health & Well-being: An Empirical Enquiry – Understanding the impact of mental health on business performance in SMEs
Gender pay gap disclosure and the wage setting process
The Pay and Productivity Dilemma in the UK: a critical theoretical and empirical review
Universal Credit and In-Work Conditionality-a Productive Turn?
Product Market Concentration and Productivity in the UK
Inclusive Innovation: Sustaining Productivity & Socio-Economic Inclusion Through Innovation Centres, Hubs & Districts
Insecure Employment and Mental Health: One Pathway in the Productivity Puzzle
Mapping the Cognitive Landscape of Productivity in Northern-Ireland: A Systems Approach to Understanding Productivity Policy
Financialization and Productivity
The Relationship Between Firm Financing and Investment in Productivity in a Very Low Interest Rate Environment
Sustainable and Productive?! Helping Manufacturing SMEs to Manage Multiple Goals
Using Shocks to Construct New Perspectives on Productivity: Designing Systems Dynamic Model(s) of Productivity in Northern Ireland
Rethinking Capital Allocation in a Context of Financialization: Producing and Index of High Productivity/Low Financial Engineering Firms
Drivers and Productivity Impacts on Underemployment-Insights on labour Market Effects and Employers’ Decision-Making in Contrasting Local Labour Markets
Access to Finance and Productivity Enhancing Investments in the UK: Does the Source of Finance Matter?
Redefining SME Productivity Measurement and Assessment for a Low Carbon Economy
Relating Productivity to Organisational Context: Meaning, Measures and Maximising Through Workforce Engagement
A Microscale Approach to Understanding Spatial Productivity Patterns in the UK
How Can Enterprise Ecosystems Enhance SME Capability to tender for Public Sector Contracts?
Quantifying Agglomeration Productivity Potential in Long-Term Infrastructure Planning
Can Fintech coordinate and support physical consumption in a COVID19 economy

Over 20+ National Events

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Our Colleagues

Our Co-Investigators’s are also based at a range of Organisations across the UK.
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Our International Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board includes Senior Business Representatives, Policy Makers and Analysts from across the UK and also International Organisations.

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We are funded by the ESRC, who themselves have a large portfolio in ‘Productivity’.

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Scottish Government Seminar Series (March 2019 – ongoing)
Northern Ireland DfE Event (Spetember 2019)
RSAI Conference (PIN special Sessions) – Cambridge (July 2019)
Cardiff Business Breakfast
Nottingham Retail Conference
Doncaster Event – Green Growth and Productivity (January 2020)
ODI Leeds Event
The event in Sheffield Lead by Prof Kirsty Newsome –
Manchester City Council Event with Dr Katy Jones
The Shard – Event with the ERC on the ‘Meanings of Productivity’
PIN International Advisory Board (Various) in London
Event Lead by Prof Karina Neilsen on the impletmentation of their PIN Funded IGLOO toolkit
PIN Launch Event – London
Event lead by Prof Richard Harris with the North-East LEP
Transforming Productivity Event
First PIN Annual Conference (Sheffield) – March 2019
PIN2020 “Reframing the Debate” Online Event in Place of the 2nd Annual Confernece

We are looking to grow the PIN membership and pursue new ideas in partnership, so if you feel you could contribute new insights on productivity contact us to get involved with the Productivity Insights Network.