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Financing productivity in the UK: Do sources of finance and geographical location matter?

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Image created by Kat Sloan via Canva. By Sandra Lancheros,  Josh Cave, Chau Chu, Gladys Huaccha, Effie Kesidou, Annina Kaltenbrunner, Daniel Perez, Joel Rabinovich. (University of Leeds) The long-standing poor productivity…

Assessing the impact of shareholder primacy and value extraction: Performance and financial resilience in the FTSE350

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Image created by Kat Sloan via Canva based on Authors data.  A new report by Professors Adam Leaver and Richard Murphy of Sheffield University Management School and Prof Colin Haslam…

Management Practices and Productivity in SMEs

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Featured Image: by Andrew Neel on Unsplash   By Professor Alan Hughes and Professor Martin Spring Lancaster University The project Our exploratory project used qualitative interviews and a pilot survey to…

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