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Raising productivity is arguably the central economic challenge in the UK. The Productivity Insights Network is an ESRC funded network of researchers, policymakers, intermediaries and businesses working to identify, advance and implement new insights to address the productivity puzzle in the UK.

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The Productivity Insights Network aims to stimulate new directions in productivity research with high impact potential.

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Potential Productivity Premiums Locked in Spatial Organization of Cities

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Featured Image: Photo by NASA on Unsplash by Hadi Arbabi. Department of Civil & Structural Engineering, The University of Sheffield Our current understanding of and approaches to devising and selecting infrastructural and…

Firm Creation in the UK During the Covid-19 Lockdown (June 2020)

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By Anthony Savagar, Alfred Duncan, and Miguel León-Ledesma, University of Kent. In support of their research, Anthony Savagar {Senior Lecturer, School of Economics, University of Kent and Centre for Macroeconomics), Alfred…

Small Firm Public Sector Tendering Capabilities – A Regional Dashboard of Priorities for LEP Business Eco-systems (£1 in £3)

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Featured Image: Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash By Dr Paula Turner, Co-Founder, The Centre for Tendering How well do Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) provide a strong value proposition…