Productivity is the policy issue of the moment. The Productivity Insights Network (PIN) aims to unpack the sources of the UK productivity puzzle, and infrastructure improvements are regarded by many as vital to improving the UK’s poor productivity performance. Within the different categories of infrastructure, transport infrastructure has emerged as one of the key areas of interest both for academics and policy makers seeking to deliver productivity improvements quickly. New technologies such as advanced sensing, real time information and connected and autonomous vehicles offer the potential to radically improve the operating reliability of transport infrastructure systems, and to enable existing infrastructure to meet future mobility demands more effectively, and thus contribute directly to better productivity. The Infrastructure theme of the PIN is led by the University of Glasgow, which will host one-day workshop to explore the connections between infrastructure, ’smart’ mobility and productivity. The workshop will address the following connected issues:

  • How well does current infrastructure provision support the economy?
  • What are the key ’smart’ and disruptive technologies that will shape the future operation of
    key infrastructures?
  • How will mobility trends change in response to the roll out of ’smart’ technologies?
  • What are the new governmental, policy and regulatory challenges that will emerge?
  • What are the priorities for the policy agenda arising from these innovations and


  • Professor Iain Docherty, University of Glasgow
  • Dr Tom Forth, Open Data Institute Leeds
  • Alison Irvine, Transport Scotland
  • Dr Jen Nelles, City University of New York
  • Dr Alexander Paulsson, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute

The event took place on Tuesday 13th November 2018 at the University of Glasgow. For queries, please contact: