17th July 2019 | Howard Theatre, Downing College, Cambridge (Special Session of RSAIBIS Conference)

How can big data and open algorithms improve the UK’s productivity policy? What does inclusive productivity growth look like?

Across one packed day of expert insights and discussion, we will unpack these questions by looking at the latest insights coming out of the wider Productivity Insights Network and partners. Full programme available here.

These Special Sessions bring together speakers from think tanks, government, the private sector and academe that are advancing the debate around the UK’s productivity puzzle by asking questions at different scales, such as firms, cities and regions. Attendance is tightly capped to allow for a more interactive discussion between key stakeholders.

Topics include: •  Productivity, inclusive growth and wellbeing  •  Regional productivity policy  •  Big data, open algorithms and productivity policy  •

If you are interested in attending, please contact productivity@sheffield.ac.uk